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these < p > 's are like a return or a space

next line like the p's

to make a link links name

to make a picture

makes a title for your document

  1. ordered list
  2. li for the numbers

a definition list
about the somthing


same as above

begin and end your document

begin and end the body of your document


small font size

#=1-& up horizontal rule


blink blink

    just like you have it holds tabs and spaces

same as above

align imags left or right

#= 1-6 header

to center stuff on page

same for all 1st 00 = red 2nd 00 = green 3rd 00 = blue 0(low)-f(high)

this will set up a table for you.

and the # = the border size
something heresomething else
more stuffsyou see a pattern here?

these are the lines across these are the boxes in the table

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